pictures from previous Stevenage Half Marathons

Pictures from previous Stevenage Half Marathons

We are really lucky to have some extremely talented photographers locally who often share their event photographs with us.

Please remember that photographic copyright lies with the photographer, so if you wish to use any of these photographs commercially please get in touch and we will connect you with the photographer in question.

Below are a few photo galleries from previous Stevenage half marathons that we have been allowed to share, if you have a set of photos from our event that you would like us to share do get in touch via the contact us page.

We hope that you find some great photos of yourselves, all we would ask is that you mention the photographer when posting your photo.

A local photographer Keith Fenwick took some amazing shots of the 2021 Half Marathon and has confirmed we are allowed to share these with participants.

Stevenage Half 2021

Gary Sherin from Stevenage Striders took photos in 2019 and again this year, he has confirmed that as long as the photos are not used commercially participants can download them.

Stevenage Half 2019

Stevenage Half 2021

You may have seen a young lady taking pictures in the finish area of the race in 2021, well that was Spartan Chloe Emmerson and her pictures are below.

Finish area 2021

Our race marshals often capture some great action shots, we are still adding to this album as as discover more photos online, but it gives you a great feel for the fab job that they do.

Stevenage Half 2021

Dave Stephenson has provided photo’s from the 2000, 2004, 2007, 2016, 2019 Stevenage Half Marathons, the links to the events are below and we hope that you enjoy the photos.

Stevenage Half 2000

Stevenage Half 2004

Stevenage Half 2007

Stevenage Half 2016

Stevenage Half 2019

James Kilroy from Kilroy Films made this amazing video of the 2019 Stevenage Half Marathon.

It really shows the hard work the volunteers do, plus gives you a flavour of the race itself and what to expect on race day.

He returned in 2021 and livestreamed the whole event, so if you get a chance to check out the footage you will probably see some familiar sights.